Listen To Dr. Fauci
Handshake Alternatives

Dr. Anthony Fauci says "we should never shake hands again, even when this Coronavirus pandemic is over". Dr. Fauci made that recommendation during an interview on April 8 and many times before when asked about what behaviors might linger, even in a post-coronavirus world.

We understand that not everyone will agree with eliminating handshakes. So we are offering you the easiest and most respectful way to let people know you don't want to shake their hand....

It's very simple, just wear a Never Shake Hands Button. No more feeling uncomfortable or making others feel uncomfortable when you decline to shake their hand. No need to make up lame excuses or pretend that you didn't see them extend their hand.

When someone see you wearing a Never Shake Hands Button they get your message loud and clear. They most likely won't bother to extend their hand for you to shake, and if they just point to your button. You can then take control of the situation by offering a fist bump or elbow bump, bow, warm smile, or do nothing at all.

Click on the Buy Now button below to order your Never Shake Hands Set today. You will receive a set of two high quality, USA made pinback buttons The set includes one 2-1/4 inch button and one 1-1/2 inch button. Between the two you'll have the right size button to pin on any garment from shirts to dresses, jackets, sweaters, overcoats, etc.


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